Refund and Cancellation Policy

SpazeOne shall provide no refunds after the payment has been completed. In the event of a breach of any terms and conditions of the SpazeOne-User Agreement by the User, SpazeOne reserves the right to terminate the SpazeOne-User Agreement and deny access to the Workspace Solution. Such termination or denial of access may result in cancellation by SpazeOne, and any potential refund to the User will be at the sole discretion of SpazeOne.

Suppose the Workspace Solution provided by SpazeOne becomes unavailable due to circumstances beyond its control, such as acts of God, force majeure, political unrest, riots, or other causes. In that case, the User will only be charged pro-rata for the actual usage period. The remaining booking period will be treated as canceled, and any available balance in the User's wallet will be refunded.

Cancellation of the Workspace Solution, whether initiated by SpazeOne or the User, will also cancel any associated services, amenities, products, etc., offered by SpazeOne.

In the case of cancellation, the current applicable tax rate on the advance payment will be retained by SpazeOne to fulfill its tax obligations. Credit card or debit card charges and any other applicable taxes or fees related to the non-refunded amount will be borne by the User.

Refunds will be processed using the same payment method used for the booking. SpazeOne will mediate any necessary disputes and holds the final decision in all such matters. It's important to note that a booking is officially considered canceled only when the User receives a cancellation confirmation via email, SMS, or notification from SpazeOne.

If confirmation is not received, the User is responsible for contacting and informing SpazeOne about the cancellation.